It appears Aldi here  in Kwinana WA 6167 AUSTRALIA has banned and is discriminating against obese people, seniors, women with little children and people with disabilities such as paraplegics to not to enter their stores due to their slowness at the Checkout.

This is company policy according to the Manager as she says because millions of Jews are waiting to be served.  It appears Jesus Christ, Hitler and other didn’t do a vary good job and thus the re-incarnation of the 4th Reich is now in progress. Check it out. Hi – Hitler.


This Is All New

As I go along with little knowledge and experience with computers and WordPress I will from time to time add articles of interest or views. One thing for sure we, the human race is so vain and “selfish” to think our solar system is the only one in space. Not so as already confirmed which I knew as a child. Yes beyond our knowledge, imagination: the vastness of infinite space is now becoming a reality unlike many small minded and primitive minds who still think ours is the only our solar system that exist and holds life. What is the definition of life?

“Holding a Trump Card”.

There are many people out there who still think the earth is flat or that the sun revolves around earth. As the late Einstein said, “Imagination is better than knowledge” and how right he is along with so many science fiction writers, movie makers such as H. G Wells, George Lucas and many many others like them to realizing their high end – futuristic imagination is becoming a reality via NAZA and other space agencies in equal status and above.

If only I can live for another 100 years or longer to see and experience what develops as not enough people minds are open to all kinds of positive possibilities for the mind like a parachute can only function when it is fully open. As I further quote, “Do the impossible now, the difficult later”.

We as humans need and to want to believe in anything that is thrown at us hence why so many people have and are being ripped off by scammers, marketing companies, religious groups-movements-principles-drugs. The list goes on.

It has been like this since the beginning of time even before the various tribes of South America, The Egyptians, The Greeks and so on overlooking one simple fact: “BELIEVING IN THEMSELVES”. My quote, “HEAVEN IS EARTH, HELL IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT” other than: “BEING GOOD AND DOING GOOD”. Simple.

It is  better to be creative than destructive but nay, that is not happening in the name of Greed not need ruled by ignorance. In about 100 t0 200 Earth years from now will be no more. Just a dead planet. Look Mum, no trees. No animals. Plenty of insects though-Yummy. “Sorry child” they are all dead. Let’s take turns to eating each other along with your siblings”.

“Where’s Daddy”? “Chopping all the trees down to feed us”. Mummy replied with a rumbling stomach grieving with hunger.

Okay okay so Mary had a little lamb now her cats are everywhere. “Here pussy pussy”. Who’s fault is that? And now for those evil minded beings-sickos needing more victims dial 666. If on the Moon dial 999.

Catlick priest and others before doing the Hokey-Pope if you run out of little boys and girls contact sex@last.cum.orgy or call 555 and please no heavy breathing after midnight.

Yes it’s all in my book, “The 2nd Coming of the Reich Kind” still in progress.

That is all for now. Take care and DOG BLESS.